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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Bad Case of Needsititis

So I woke up this morning thinking to myself that I really NEED new furniture. My living room furniture is ghastly, and Im quite sure that if I didn't Lysol it every day, we would all be infected with the bubonic plague. It's old. It's dirty. It's had it's day over and over and over again. It has cuddled babies, toddlers and 5 year olds, as well as adults who just really wanted to fall asleep watching that darn movie. It's seen more than it's fair share of spills and smears, and Im quite sure that if I was to explore beyond the visible reaches of the upholstery, I would see years and years of accumulated goldfish crackers, chocolate chips and the occasional butt-end of a peanut butter and jam sandwich. It pains me, it really does, that I infact need to say "Goodbye!" to the old couches of yesteryear....

......And say hello to BONDED LEATHER. It's wipeable, it's fashionable, and it's chocolate brown. It's happiness in a sofa. Plain and simple.

It has taken me a looooooong time to finally get off my wallet and make the move. But I think it will be a good one. I might actually stay home once in a while.

But this brings me to my new issue. New couches, HOORAY!! But how about that 1992 Tube TV that I am going to be watching from said couches? Is it time to part with that as well? Can I wait a few months? How about till Boxing Day? Probably not. I have a bad case of Needsititis, which is an acute onset swelling of the Needsit portion of the brain. It can feel like it is a chronic issue, however, if you push through the pain, the swelling eventually subsides, and you become ok with your life the way it is, materialistically speaking.

So while, in all of this, it sounds as though I have major entitlement issues (Don't we all??), I really just needed (yes, needed) new furniture. I could go through the list of justifications, starting with

1) I have icky sticky 2 year olds, TWO OF THEM!!

2) Leather wipes easy

3) Leather looks pretty

4) They're chocolate brown

5) I got a smokin' deal on them

6) My life has been so chaotic that I believe I do deserve a comfy place to rest, and my "boat bed" just ain't the place....

7) I'm a big girl and I am in control

I will update with photos. Before and afters of the living room. Before and afters of the couches. And during the burning (er, cremation) of bubonic plague couches.... :)


  1. love it! a very poetic way to say toodiloo to the old and helllooooo to the new :)

  2. ohhhh.. new couches :-) I have to agree, the old one needed to be retired, and the futon.... well.. I have no comment for that. But I bet it would make a very nice bonfire in the backyard!

  3. I have to say we have had leather couches for about 7.5 years now, and I love them....the best kind of couch to have with kids...the first day we had ours in they saved us.... just wiped the mess away and carried on :)