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Saturday, 10 December 2011

The aftermath of Needsititis...

I did it. I bought couches. Correction: I bought A couch. And 2 chairs.
They are neither chocolate brown nor leather. HOWEVER. They are sage green and microsuede. Which I find as a colour, slightly more calming, and as a material, a whole lot more cuddly. They more than likely will not survive more than 3 years, but I have accepted this and moved on from it. Like a good little furniture purchaser, I sprayed the couch and chairs down with that fabric protector stuff two nights in a row... Desperately hoping it will keep the jam-fingers at bay.

And here is a peek ;)


Mucho Bettero than....


So the Bubonic Plague couches have not yet been destroyed. I am not sure when we will be burning them (or if we even will be...) But I can assure you that if we do, there will be photos !!!

I will be acquiring a few new peices here and there to add to the "country" ness of the room, as it just is not quite "country" enough for me yet. ITS A COMING


  1. wow what a transformation!!!!! we are sooo cool and accepting the need for nice calm spaces in our little houses :)

  2. come on!! i want to see a post about the car being stuck in the driveway!!

  3. Looks nice indeed. Long time no talk stranger....randomly stumble upon your blog. Perhaps you'll remember me as the brown guy from Sport Mart. Throw me an email if you're interested in chatting... Hope you are well! J